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Revolutionize gaming by bringing the game to the blockchain. Make In-game items, universally operable.

  • What is Book of Orbs?

    At the very heart of Project Orb, is the Book of Orbs app. Available on iOS and Google Play, Book of Orbs is an enhanced bitcoin wallet that allows you to hold and truly own your game assets.

    Players can collect, send, receive and trade blockchain assets known as ORBs(Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain) opening up a whole new possibility for digital ownership and trading, interoperability and a new relationship between game companies and players.

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Features of Book of Orbs

  • Security

    Like all secure bitcoin wallets Book of ORBs securely generates the private keys client side and never reveals them to our server or any third party. Your valuable ORBS will solely belong to you, and you only. Regardless of the game(s) you use, ownership will always remain in the player’s hands.

  • Decentralized trading via P2P

    Utilizing Counterparty’s Decentralized Exchange aka Dex, P2P trading between players realizes its potential within the Book of Orbs interface. Eliminating fraud and counterparty risks, you can freely and securely trade your ORBs within the Book of Orbs App.

  • Interoperability

    Book of Orbs pioneers interoperability between games. We issue ORBs across the public and open Bitcoin blockchain to sustain interoperability of game items beyond a single game. Through this connection, we’ll ensure:

  • Scarcity and transparency

    All transactions and issuance of ORBs can be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain. The aspired scarcity of digital game items allow for a fair and valued distribution of such between game players.

Games on the Book of Orbs network

  • Spell of Genesis [SoG]

    Spells of Genesis; a mobile gaming application,combines the collective and strategic aspects of Trading Card games with, the addictiveness of Arcade gaming. SoG is also the first game to utilize the tokenization of game items on the blockchain; with a storyline inspired by the real world of Bitcoin.

  • Force of Will [FoW]

    Force of Will is a popular trading card game worldwide; with notable success across North America and, Europe. Well-recognized among the industry, FoW is supported by more than 100,000 passionate players. FoW looks to add similar attributes from their digital cards to physical cards; using the Book of Orbs, making every game item, a valuable asset.

  • takara

    Takara is a revolutionary geocaching app that, allows players to pick up bitcoin around the world! Alongside other tokens, ORBs; issued through the Counterparty protocol, are automatically available to collect on Takara and thus, enable unique promotions and events for games on the ORB platform.



Frequently asked questions about Book of Orbs

  • Q.Why do I need bitcoins to make transactions on Book of Orbs?

    A.ORBs in the Book of Orbs interface, are tokens; like any other, on the Counterparty protocol in the Bitcoin blockchain. Sending and trading ORBs, thus, takes advantage of mining on the blockchain. Mining, requires small transaction fees, to ensure the safe and functionary, verification of a token exchange.

  • Q.Why is there a waiting period for the trade to be completed?

    A.ORB trading on the Book of Orbs utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain and will thus follow, the 10 minute (average) waiting period that results from Miner processing and verification protocol. The transaction is likely to be confirmed following this process.

  • Q.What if I lose my recovery phrase?

    A.Private keys on Book of Orbs are encrypted with the sole intent of protecting clients and will therefore only be accessible by them. Thereby no one,; including the Book of Orbs team, will be able to recover your phrase for you. Make sure to take note of your passphrase and store it securely offline.

The Book of Orbs

Experience the evolution of game items with Book of Orbs now!